Weekend breaks in London

The half term is the perfect opportunity to take a break bythe best London hotels. And if you are going for a family trip, we’ve got a whole host of things lined up for you. For instance, you can visit Hyde Park on a sunny day, and venture to the Princess of Wales Memorial close to Queensway. It features a freely accessible peter-pan inspired playground, letting kids enjoy themselves with similar company by the huge wooden pirate-themed ship in the middle of the sand. Meanwhile, parents will find fresh food and drinks at the inbuilt café.

In terms of parks, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, being more modern, is a little different to Hyde Park. With a focus on events and music, it’s more festive in spirit. Nevertheless, the plush fields of green grass and delightful paths make for an enjoyable scene to experience with your kids. You can take a walk, go for ice-cream, or have a simple little picnic while you enjoy the summer weather.

There you will also find the Copper Box Arena and the Lee Valley VeloPark – both of which introduce new sports to your family. Besides that, The Victoria and Albert Museum, which isn’t too far, gives you a real theatre experience in the heart of London, and a taste for the arts. Kids will find plenty of hands on interactive activities, pop-up performances, make-it workshops, and they can let their creativity go wild in the imagination station.

If your kids are a little older and they have the patience and presence of mind to enjoy the subtler things, then visiting the Science Museum might prove to be an inspiring day for them. You and your children will get to hear stories of how the telephone was invented, and generally speaking, the museum lets kids get to grips with science in a novel exciting way, far removed from the usual school affair of listening, and memorising information.

In this post we want to give you a breadth of different types of things you can do with your kids. And so, even though we could recommend you other museums, we know it’s likely that you’ll only visit one or two of them. That’s the case simply because you are privileged to a whole host of attractions, events, and venues in London while variety is really where it’s at when it comes to a holiday.

Carrying along with the theme of variety, we highly recommend the Sea Life venue, found near the best London hotels. It’s the world’s largest aquarium brandand with an indoor sea, and a whole host of species,it forms Europe’s largest marine life collection. You can even snorkel at the venue, with shielding of course, and face off with sharks.

The ZSL London Zoo, situated near Regents Park, has more than 800 animals at the venue. It’s puts you closer than you ever will get to some of the most magnificent animal creatures.With lions, tigers, ostriches, gorillas, and more,the venue makes for the perfect day out with family. In fact, you might just find it as or more intriguing than your kids.

Besides that, the London Dungeons, close to Waterloo tube station and the best London hotels, gives you a tour into the capitals past in a thrilling journey. You’ll be able to relive historical events, and the scary atmosphere will be sure to thrill you and your kids. In summary, there a range of things you can do with your family in London, and the venues mentioned in this post are a great starting point.

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