Travel Tips for the London traveller

The best London hotels, due to their location, make international travel into the capital easier. That’s something you wouldn’t ordinarily think, considering that a journey into a country is composed of a host of nuisances including having to arrive on time for check-in, going through security, lugging luggage around, and covering far-reaching distances through a whole host of interchanges. So how would arriving in a hotel(besides the location) make your travel into the country easier? If you consider it – having the idea of getting nested into your future luxurious, comfortable abode can make your way into the country bearable, and more comfortable. You get a little more excited about your journey, and do what you can to enjoy the spaces of time that inevitably will fill most of the moments of your travel – excited about your incoming arrival.

Before you depart, there are many ways you can prepare so as to make your trip a little more tranquil. By organizing yourself, you will be able to avoid the common hazards and pitfalls that many unassuming tourists encounter when they visit a new city. One of the best ways to do this is to make you go into the country with cash on hand. Nothing is worse than having to withdraw funds from an ATM with your original country’s card – only to see a host of charges on your statement the next month. Doing so usually provides a worse rate of exchange and is a clever way credit card companies prey on those who don’t prepare for international travel. Another thing is to pack as light as possible;for instance you don’t need five trousers, five belts and five shirts for a week’s stay.

Another thing that would be really useful is to have an international data plan on your mobile phone. Google Maps, is generously useful in so many ways and using it in the capital, from the best London hotels, will make for a pleasurably, convenient stay. You won’t necessarily have to ask directions all the time if you’re looking for an attraction. You can simply take out your phone and find your way to your destination of choice. If for any reason you try to use mobile data abroad plan without checking if it’s part of your plan, you’ll often find that your mobile provider will be happy to let you use the service at will.

What you won’t realize is that you’re being charged for every single MB of data you use. And so, it’s pretty clear so far that having the cash you need so that you don’t have to withdraw money from an ATM, and preparing your Mobile plan for Data roaming, will save you a few unpleasant surprises further down the road.

When booking your accommodation, naturally you probably understand that it’s always best to book as far in advance as possible. We also implore you to check out foreign airline sites. They tend to provide better deals compared to other local airlines, and many include package deals that come provided with stays in the best London hotels. Another tip would be to bring ear plugs and medicine. The latter will be useful in cases where you get struck down with something or simply have a pain to take care of while the prior will be immediately useful if you’re sleeping with surrounding noise around the hotel. Another thing worth mentioning is that UK systems have different plugs and so you’ll have to bring a plug adapter before you leave, or simply remember to buy one at the airport on your way.

In short, doing these small things will make a huge difference to your holiday in the country. The last thing you want to deal with is the little annoyances that take you away from experiencing the best London has to offer.

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