Rail trips around Europe

There are a ton of tips you can take advantage of for rail-tripping around Europe on a budget. With the right knowledge, you’ll be able to traverse the lands of Europe for cheap, while in absolute comfort. If you live in Europe you can get to the capital of England quicker than you think, and experience London’s best restaurants.Preparation is important for anything, and the number one tip we can give you is to look into rail passes. If you are an EU resident you will be able to get the Inter-rail pass while if you’re outside, you will to opt for the Eurail one.

If you areunder the age of 26, they both give you a substantial discount, worth the advanced purchase. We also implore you to think beyond the big city stops. European travel is an item found on many peoples bucket list, and the train networks present you a unique opportunity. You can for example get yourself from Paris, Lille, and Brussels by Eurostar and find yourself in London’s best restaurants in less than a flash.

One of the reasons why we recommend train travel is because it takes away the need to go through many different interchanges. Plane travel is more difficult in the sense that there are longer check-in times, and you also have to deal with different luggage points and the general inconvenience of flying. Of course train travel has its limits; it can’t take you from Europe to North Africa for instance. And so, it is best suited for those who are looking to travel between different spots in Europe.

Some of these include: Vienna, Paris, Strasbourg, and the Alps. The huge network of train lines in Europe is unrivalled and we think you’d do well by taking advantage of it. What seems relatively far is sometimes closer than you think. For example, if you’re in Lyon you can get to Geneva in Switzerland in just over an hour.

In terms of the best way to plan your trip, we recommend you stay three nights in the big cities, and two nights in the smaller cities. Although, of course, it’s a matter of personal preference. There are those who prefer to have as varied as possible of a travel experience while others prefer to stay as long as possible in a destination. The latter type tend to get a richer understanding and experience of the culture, but the amount of places they get to see is compromised. And so, it really depends on what you value the most. You can stay a week in different spots, but then your holiday time is limited. So if you have a week’s holiday maybe it’s best to just to two destinations.

When you usually think about train journeys, you don’t imagine seeing a spectacular view across the horizon throughout the entirety of your trip. Rather, the train journey for most is a simple means to an end and that’s understandable considering most routes have tunnels and little sights through the journey worth admiring. But alas, picture for a moment what it would be like to take a train journey that offers fascinating, exciting surroundings through different turns – it’d feel a little like a theme park ride. Such types of train journeys exist, but they are a little longer, and the certain online services will let you know if you can take the longer journey. We believe it’s worth it, and so if you have the option and time – take the longer more enjoyable route. You won’t regret it. One of the pioneer examples of a spectacular route is the one from Zurich to Milan, via Chur and Tirano, running through stunning mountain scenery.

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