Mobile Apps have transformed the world

Mobile Apps have transformed the world in a massive way. Suddenly, people have the ability to access a ton of services right from their handheld.A whole new marketplace has formed and so programmers and designers are now able to showcase their talents in a unique way, while serving millions of people all around the world. Business travellers in particular have something to benefit from by using apps. Google Maps, for instance,allows people to conveniently find whatever they’re looking for – in most parts of the world, whether they are looking for hotels or meeting rooms in London. In this post we’ll be exploring some of the apps that you can benefit from while on your travels.

Flight+ is the number one app we recommend using before arriving at an airport and boarding a flight. It puts you in control by notifying you of the specifics of your initiary, and letting you know if there are any unexpected changes to your flight and what’s more – lets you know how far you are into your journey while on the plane.

Apps in their infancy were cumbersome to use. They had a plethora of features, but lacked an intuitive, pleasurable experience for the user. Slowly, that has changed over the years, and Flight+ is a shining example of how far Apps have come in the last five years. With a clean polish, and a snappy interface, it adds a whole new dimension to taking flights.

Another App we recommend is mPassport. While it may not be something you use frequently, in the case of an emergency, it will prove invaluable. It gives world travellers access to the best local doctors and information on local hospitals – from anywhere in the world. Users will also be able to find national safety alerts, emergency services, city health profiles, medication brands, file claims, and schedule appointments.

When you’re in and around the capital of London, you’ll encounter a plethora of shops, restaurants, offices, and meeting rooms in London. As such, it can be a little difficult to make what you believe is the best choice. The Find.Eat.DrinkApp lets you discover interesting titbits of information about the surrounding food joints around your GPS location, and naturally make the decision making process a little easier.

The travel App box is special in this sense that it features a host of apps within itself. Using it, you’ll be able to do a number of things including: checking the translation of a word through the in-built dictionary, getting a holiday countdown, making an emergency call, a unit converter, and tip calculator. It’s the Swiss army knife of travel apps,and makes you feel a little more confident while you’re out there discovering the world.

The IcarPark is perfect for those often forget where they parked their car. For a travel enthusiast visiting a country with their vehicle, they’ll find that they probably forgot where they parked a lot more often than usual. After all the surroundings are a little different and thus it can be quite easy to lose track of where we last where.

The lounge buddy app will open avenues for you. Frequent business travellers probably see airports as their second home. Although undesirable, stressful – it can be a pleasant experience if you find spots worth staying in. Based on your airline membership, the app will tell you which lounges you can enter while using GPS to guide you there.

All in all, it’s clear that business travellers visiting the city for the meeting rooms in London, and the range of business opportunities in the capital, will benefit greatly from using the number of travel apps that can be found on theAndroid and Apple Stores. We hope you find some of the ones we’ve covered useful.

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