Getting around London when you are located at Paddington

Paddington is a great area of London which really can offer you a great experience of the city. If you are deciding to travel to or from Paddington, it is a good idea to look at the facilities at Paddington station, including disabled access and parking. This will allow you to make the most of your trip and to plan ahead if you need to. Here are some good tips for getting to and from Paddington and a little more about Paddington itself:

Parking at Paddington station

When it comes to parking at Paddington station, you will find that one hour’s worth of parking your car at this station will cost you £3.10 Monday to Friday. If you wish to stay for up to 24 hours, it will cost you £25 for the day. For motorcycles, it is four pounds per day. The rate goes up on weekends and bank holidays, as many of the car parks tend to across London. If you wish to stay for an hour in the car park at Paddington station, it will cost you four pound. However, for the day it will only cost you £10. Multi-day tickets are available at these locations and the car park is open 24 hours a day. If you plan on riding your bike and you wish to secure it in the car park, you can get a season ticket holder cycle rack, available on platform 10 and 11. Many people use this service and so for this reason it may be that you are unable to park your bike due to the high subscription already in place. It might be best to call the station before you ride your bike to it, to check.

Facilities at Paddington station

There are many facilities available at Paddington station including toilets and baby changing facilities which cost 30 p. The ticket office is open 24 hours and is run by first great Western. You will also find that there is a dedicated ticket office run by Heathrow express which is available on platform six and seven. You can look up specific tickets and timetables as well as real-time updates on the train service on the National rail enquiries website. You can also call the number (0845) 748 4950 if you would like to speak to somebody directly.

There is a lost property facility at Paddington station, so if you do happen to lose anything at this station then you can report a lost item online or call the number on (020) 7262 0344 to find out if your item has been handed in.

If you are travelling a lot and need to have a shower, there are shower facilities at the station. You’ll need to buy the privilege though, for five pounds, located on platform 12. Many people also want to know about Wi-Fi at the station. There is a pay as you go Wi-Fi Internet access available through BT or the cloud. You will need to use your phone to pay for the Internet as you go.

Disabled access at Paddington station

If you are disabled or are travelling with somebody who is disabled, there is a lot of station accessibility in place at Paddington station. For example, for the visually impaired, there are tactile strips along all platform edges and the ticket office also has a loop if you are hard of hearing. All entrances are also step free, and disabled friendly. You will be able to get around the platform in your wheelchair easily. If you do require assistance in any aspect of your travels at Paddington station, you can book an assistant member of staff to help you at any time of the day on (020) 7922 6793. This is available from 7 AM in the morning until 10 PM at night Monday to Friday, and 8am in the morning until 8 PM at night on Saturdays and Sundays.

Food and drink at Paddington station

If you are staying at London Paddington, you will also want to know about the food and drink and shopping available at the station.

There are many options of places to eat at the Paddington station. This includes Yo  sushi, Starbucks coffee and Burger King, as well as McDonald’s, Marks & Spencer’s, and Sainsbury’s. You’ll also find a champagne bar and a bagel factory on the premises.

There are also many shopping opportunities in Paddington station. This includes buying your local newspaper at WHSmith, as well as a Vodafone shop and a monsoon accessories store. There are also many health and beauty outlets at the station.

Staying in and around Paddington

There is plenty to do in Paddington itself, away from the station. Try staying in one of the luxurious hotels at Paddington, such as the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington, which offers an exclusive experience right in the centre of all of the action. The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington offers a great experience for anybody who wants to stay for just one night up until a few weeks in the city. Paddington is easily accessible by other trains and transportation methods, so you will find it a very easy place to access.

Wherever you are travelling from, Paddington should be on your travel itinerary this year. As you can see from this article, Paddington station is well equipped to handle your every need. Whether you are driving into the station or catching the train, there are services and facilities available for everybody. To find out more about Paddington station, simply visit their website and browse the information that they have available on there.

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