Celebrating women in London

Nowhere in the world do we celebrate women any better than in London, and at the start of 2015, we can see the wow women of the world Festival take over at the Southbank Centre for three days.


The Wow women of the world Festival takes place to celebrate women through special events that are being held in the centre. You will see live music, as well as passionate debate and a lot of comedy.

International women’s Day is due to take place on 8 March this year, and the Wow women of the world Festival celebrates this in all of its glory whilst also expressing a need for further equality throughout the world.

If you head down to London and to the Southbank Centre at this time, you will see lots of live music concerts as well as film screenings. The live music includes a special concert by Susana Baca as well as the 60s pop star Petula Clark. Petula Clark will actually be releasing her 35th album called lost in you and many people are expecting to see her perform live at this event.

Dance will also be a big feature of the Wow women of the world Festival this year. A big performance by the Vincent dance Theatre is expected to be seen and will represent issues of identity and gender. It looks at exploring how gender has affected us from the moment we are born.

If poetry is more your thing, poetry fans will want to go to the Queen Elizabeth Hall during the Wow women of the world Festival. There will be five poets which will be brought together to perform joint readings for the first time ever. This includes Carol Ann Duffy (UK), Liz Lochhead (Scotland), Gillian Clarke (Wales), Paula Meehan (Ireland) and Sinead Morrisey (Northern Ireland).

The festival will go on until Sunday, 9 March and ticket prices vary depending on what aspect of the festival you would like to see. For more information, you can visit the Wow women of the world Festival website which has a lot more detail on it about the timings and details of events.

Whilst you are in London, you may want to explore other areas of this beautiful capital city. Why not make it a mini break and go and stay in one of the London city suites by Montcalm, one of the most prestigious hotels in the area that is very centrally located to many of the sights of London. The London eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park area all of easy access to the London city suites by Montcalm hotel. You can really see a lot of the city whilst you attend the Wow women of the world Festival this year.

In fact, January and February are perfect months in which to see London in all of its glory.

Whilst some may think that there is a lull after Christmas in the capital city, many experts would disagree and confirm that there is more going on in London at the start of the year than ever before.

If you are into musicals, the famous Cats musical is back on stage at the West End in London and running throughout January and February. There are many other musicals also playing in the capital as well as more serious plays and performances which might be more up your street.

When it comes to food in London, there are more restaurants here than anywhere else. The variety is simply amazing, so whatever you are into, the capital city can offer it to you. There are many Italian restaurants in the city, including chain restaurants such as Prezzo. There are also more independent restaurants which you can explore, offering a unique variety of cuisine depending on your taste buds. Spanish restaurants have also come into their own recently in the capital, with many people wanting to explore a taste of flamenco in the form of tapas or perhaps the Greek version of meze.

Getting around in the capital isn’t as hard as you may think. Of course there is the subway, which is a very quick and convenient way to access all of London with a travel pass. You can also catch the bus or taxi, but beware that you may be stuck in the traffic, especially at peak times of the day.

If shopping is your thing, Selfridge’s and Harrods offer two unique experiences for the shopaholics amongst you. You can get just about anything you want to meet department stores, and some people can get lost in there for hours!

Make sure that if you are visiting London, you bring plenty of money with you but beware to flash this in public. Staying safe in London is important, so keep your handbag on you closely and report anything suspicious that you see. Like any capital city in the world, thieves will be operating but do not let this put you off having a really good time in the capital.

Booking your hotel room sooner rather than later and ensure that you have a great time for the Wow women of the world festival in the coming months. Also, make sure you book your travel plans in advance to get the best rates available for the season ahead. Whether you plan to visit for just one day or for a week, London is a great place to experience just about anything.

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