The best palaces and parks in London

The Shaftesbury Marble Arch suites are ideally located in the heart of London, close to the best palaces and parks. Those who have lived in London for a long period of time can probably agree that they don’t have as much as curiosity for the city as they do for a new one. Yet, teaming tourists flowing from all corners of the world are finding multiple things to see and do in just the space of a few days. Londoners can have that same passion and excitement for the city if they open up themselves to the possibility.

As Londoners, we have most likely visited many of the Royal Parks. But have we been inquisitive to the point where we have found all the small beautiful attractions within? We might have seen Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the outside, but have we ever actually ventured inside? Novelty tends to go away when we live in a city for such a long time. And Londoners, believe it or not, find their city a lot less interesting than tourists do.

And so, we’ll try to bring a little bit of that excitement back in this post. One of the first places we recommend you visit is the Houses of Parliaement. That Green Room where the two Parliaments of the House of Commons and House of Lords face off, is a place that spectacularly delights. It might not be the most exciting venue in the world, but seeing the level of opulence, with the deep reds and gold details in the House is fascinating to say the least. The tour will also take you through the Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the building, and then a series of rooms including the Royal Gallery and Queens Robing Room. By the end of the tour you can have a delicious lunch at Westminster Abbey. The Shaftesbury Marble Arch suites, one of the best accommodations in London, is not too far from the surrounding area.

With monotonous routines, many of us lack a bit of spontaneity in our lifestyles. Leave your weekend free, and take a trip to the Houses of Parliament to get a first-hand insight into the country’s politics and structure.

We also implore you to give Hyde Park a visit. As a Londoner you’ve most likely visited before, but if you haven’t then you have even more reason to go. The Shaftesbury Marble Arch suitesand the Kensington Palace are both nearby the Park. Princess Diana lived in the Kensington palace, and today her death is memorialised by a fountain in Hyde Park. Meanwhile, you can also take a tour of the Kensington Palace, and get an insight into how the Royal family has and continues to live.

There you will also find the Serpentine lake, which covers over 40 acres. People can hire small boats and pedal their way through. It proves to be a delightful, enjoyable affair with family or friends – especially on a sunny, spring day. During Christmas, there’s a 100-yeard race called the Peter Pan Cup where people quite literally jump in the freezing water and swim their away across to the finish line. In essence, Hyde Park and the famous political establishments make for a great day out in London.

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