Travel Tips for the London traveller

The best London hotels, due to their location, make international travel into the capital easier. That’s something you wouldn’t ordinarily think, considering that a journey into a country is composed of a host of nuisances including having to arrive on time for check-in, going through security, lugging luggage around, and covering far-reaching distances through a whole host of interchanges. So how would arriving in a hotel(besides the location) make your travel into the country easier? If you consider it – having the idea of getting nested into your future luxurious, comfortable abode can make your way into the country bearable, and more comfortable. You get a little more excited about your journey, and do what you can to enjoy the spaces of time that inevitably will fill most of the moments of your travel – excited about your incoming arrival.

Before you depart, there are many ways you can prepare so as to make your trip a little more tranquil. By organizing yourself, you will be able to avoid the common hazards and pitfalls that many unassuming tourists encounter when they visit a new city. One of the best ways to do this is to make you go into the country with cash on hand. Nothing is worse than having to withdraw funds from an ATM with your original country’s card – only to see a host of charges on your statement the next month. Doing so usually provides a worse rate of exchange and is a clever way credit card companies prey on those who don’t prepare for international travel. Another thing is to pack as light as possible;for instance you don’t need five trousers, five belts and five shirts for a week’s stay.

Another thing that would be really useful is to have an international data plan on your mobile phone. Google Maps, is generously useful in so many ways and using it in the capital, from the best London hotels, will make for a pleasurably, convenient stay. You won’t necessarily have to ask directions all the time if you’re looking for an attraction. You can simply take out your phone and find your way to your destination of choice. If for any reason you try to use mobile data abroad plan without checking if it’s part of your plan, you’ll often find that your mobile provider will be happy to let you use the service at will.

What you won’t realize is that you’re being charged for every single MB of data you use. And so, it’s pretty clear so far that having the cash you need so that you don’t have to withdraw money from an ATM, and preparing your Mobile plan for Data roaming, will save you a few unpleasant surprises further down the road.

When booking your accommodation, naturally you probably understand that it’s always best to book as far in advance as possible. We also implore you to check out foreign airline sites. They tend to provide better deals compared to other local airlines, and many include package deals that come provided with stays in the best London hotels. Another tip would be to bring ear plugs and medicine. The latter will be useful in cases where you get struck down with something or simply have a pain to take care of while the prior will be immediately useful if you’re sleeping with surrounding noise around the hotel. Another thing worth mentioning is that UK systems have different plugs and so you’ll have to bring a plug adapter before you leave, or simply remember to buy one at the airport on your way.

In short, doing these small things will make a huge difference to your holiday in the country. The last thing you want to deal with is the little annoyances that take you away from experiencing the best London has to offer.

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Rail trips around Europe

There are a ton of tips you can take advantage of for rail-tripping around Europe on a budget. With the right knowledge, you’ll be able to traverse the lands of Europe for cheap, while in absolute comfort. If you live in Europe you can get to the capital of England quicker than you think, and experience London’s best restaurants.Preparation is important for anything, and the number one tip we can give you is to look into rail passes. If you are an EU resident you will be able to get the Inter-rail pass while if you’re outside, you will to opt for the Eurail one.

If you areunder the age of 26, they both give you a substantial discount, worth the advanced purchase. We also implore you to think beyond the big city stops. European travel is an item found on many peoples bucket list, and the train networks present you a unique opportunity. You can for example get yourself from Paris, Lille, and Brussels by Eurostar and find yourself in London’s best restaurants in less than a flash.

One of the reasons why we recommend train travel is because it takes away the need to go through many different interchanges. Plane travel is more difficult in the sense that there are longer check-in times, and you also have to deal with different luggage points and the general inconvenience of flying. Of course train travel has its limits; it can’t take you from Europe to North Africa for instance. And so, it is best suited for those who are looking to travel between different spots in Europe.

Some of these include: Vienna, Paris, Strasbourg, and the Alps. The huge network of train lines in Europe is unrivalled and we think you’d do well by taking advantage of it. What seems relatively far is sometimes closer than you think. For example, if you’re in Lyon you can get to Geneva in Switzerland in just over an hour.

In terms of the best way to plan your trip, we recommend you stay three nights in the big cities, and two nights in the smaller cities. Although, of course, it’s a matter of personal preference. There are those who prefer to have as varied as possible of a travel experience while others prefer to stay as long as possible in a destination. The latter type tend to get a richer understanding and experience of the culture, but the amount of places they get to see is compromised. And so, it really depends on what you value the most. You can stay a week in different spots, but then your holiday time is limited. So if you have a week’s holiday maybe it’s best to just to two destinations.

When you usually think about train journeys, you don’t imagine seeing a spectacular view across the horizon throughout the entirety of your trip. Rather, the train journey for most is a simple means to an end and that’s understandable considering most routes have tunnels and little sights through the journey worth admiring. But alas, picture for a moment what it would be like to take a train journey that offers fascinating, exciting surroundings through different turns – it’d feel a little like a theme park ride. Such types of train journeys exist, but they are a little longer, and the certain online services will let you know if you can take the longer journey. We believe it’s worth it, and so if you have the option and time – take the longer more enjoyable route. You won’t regret it. One of the pioneer examples of a spectacular route is the one from Zurich to Milan, via Chur and Tirano, running through stunning mountain scenery.

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The best palaces and parks in London

The Shaftesbury Marble Arch suites are ideally located in the heart of London, close to the best palaces and parks. Those who have lived in London for a long period of time can probably agree that they don’t have as much as curiosity for the city as they do for a new one. Yet, teaming tourists flowing from all corners of the world are finding multiple things to see and do in just the space of a few days. Londoners can have that same passion and excitement for the city if they open up themselves to the possibility.

As Londoners, we have most likely visited many of the Royal Parks. But have we been inquisitive to the point where we have found all the small beautiful attractions within? We might have seen Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the outside, but have we ever actually ventured inside? Novelty tends to go away when we live in a city for such a long time. And Londoners, believe it or not, find their city a lot less interesting than tourists do.

And so, we’ll try to bring a little bit of that excitement back in this post. One of the first places we recommend you visit is the Houses of Parliaement. That Green Room where the two Parliaments of the House of Commons and House of Lords face off, is a place that spectacularly delights. It might not be the most exciting venue in the world, but seeing the level of opulence, with the deep reds and gold details in the House is fascinating to say the least. The tour will also take you through the Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the building, and then a series of rooms including the Royal Gallery and Queens Robing Room. By the end of the tour you can have a delicious lunch at Westminster Abbey. The Shaftesbury Marble Arch suites, one of the best accommodations in London, is not too far from the surrounding area.

With monotonous routines, many of us lack a bit of spontaneity in our lifestyles. Leave your weekend free, and take a trip to the Houses of Parliament to get a first-hand insight into the country’s politics and structure.

We also implore you to give Hyde Park a visit. As a Londoner you’ve most likely visited before, but if you haven’t then you have even more reason to go. The Shaftesbury Marble Arch suitesand the Kensington Palace are both nearby the Park. Princess Diana lived in the Kensington palace, and today her death is memorialised by a fountain in Hyde Park. Meanwhile, you can also take a tour of the Kensington Palace, and get an insight into how the Royal family has and continues to live.

There you will also find the Serpentine lake, which covers over 40 acres. People can hire small boats and pedal their way through. It proves to be a delightful, enjoyable affair with family or friends – especially on a sunny, spring day. During Christmas, there’s a 100-yeard race called the Peter Pan Cup where people quite literally jump in the freezing water and swim their away across to the finish line. In essence, Hyde Park and the famous political establishments make for a great day out in London.

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Mobile Apps have transformed the world

Mobile Apps have transformed the world in a massive way. Suddenly, people have the ability to access a ton of services right from their handheld.A whole new marketplace has formed and so programmers and designers are now able to showcase their talents in a unique way, while serving millions of people all around the world. Business travellers in particular have something to benefit from by using apps. Google Maps, for instance,allows people to conveniently find whatever they’re looking for – in most parts of the world, whether they are looking for hotels or meeting rooms in London. In this post we’ll be exploring some of the apps that you can benefit from while on your travels.

Flight+ is the number one app we recommend using before arriving at an airport and boarding a flight. It puts you in control by notifying you of the specifics of your initiary, and letting you know if there are any unexpected changes to your flight and what’s more – lets you know how far you are into your journey while on the plane.

Apps in their infancy were cumbersome to use. They had a plethora of features, but lacked an intuitive, pleasurable experience for the user. Slowly, that has changed over the years, and Flight+ is a shining example of how far Apps have come in the last five years. With a clean polish, and a snappy interface, it adds a whole new dimension to taking flights.

Another App we recommend is mPassport. While it may not be something you use frequently, in the case of an emergency, it will prove invaluable. It gives world travellers access to the best local doctors and information on local hospitals – from anywhere in the world. Users will also be able to find national safety alerts, emergency services, city health profiles, medication brands, file claims, and schedule appointments.

When you’re in and around the capital of London, you’ll encounter a plethora of shops, restaurants, offices, and meeting rooms in London. As such, it can be a little difficult to make what you believe is the best choice. The Find.Eat.DrinkApp lets you discover interesting titbits of information about the surrounding food joints around your GPS location, and naturally make the decision making process a little easier.

The travel App box is special in this sense that it features a host of apps within itself. Using it, you’ll be able to do a number of things including: checking the translation of a word through the in-built dictionary, getting a holiday countdown, making an emergency call, a unit converter, and tip calculator. It’s the Swiss army knife of travel apps,and makes you feel a little more confident while you’re out there discovering the world.

The IcarPark is perfect for those often forget where they parked their car. For a travel enthusiast visiting a country with their vehicle, they’ll find that they probably forgot where they parked a lot more often than usual. After all the surroundings are a little different and thus it can be quite easy to lose track of where we last where.

The lounge buddy app will open avenues for you. Frequent business travellers probably see airports as their second home. Although undesirable, stressful – it can be a pleasant experience if you find spots worth staying in. Based on your airline membership, the app will tell you which lounges you can enter while using GPS to guide you there.

All in all, it’s clear that business travellers visiting the city for the meeting rooms in London, and the range of business opportunities in the capital, will benefit greatly from using the number of travel apps that can be found on theAndroid and Apple Stores. We hope you find some of the ones we’ve covered useful.

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Weekend breaks in London

The half term is the perfect opportunity to take a break bythe best London hotels. And if you are going for a family trip, we’ve got a whole host of things lined up for you. For instance, you can visit Hyde Park on a sunny day, and venture to the Princess of Wales Memorial close to Queensway. It features a freely accessible peter-pan inspired playground, letting kids enjoy themselves with similar company by the huge wooden pirate-themed ship in the middle of the sand. Meanwhile, parents will find fresh food and drinks at the inbuilt café.

In terms of parks, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, being more modern, is a little different to Hyde Park. With a focus on events and music, it’s more festive in spirit. Nevertheless, the plush fields of green grass and delightful paths make for an enjoyable scene to experience with your kids. You can take a walk, go for ice-cream, or have a simple little picnic while you enjoy the summer weather.

There you will also find the Copper Box Arena and the Lee Valley VeloPark – both of which introduce new sports to your family. Besides that, The Victoria and Albert Museum, which isn’t too far, gives you a real theatre experience in the heart of London, and a taste for the arts. Kids will find plenty of hands on interactive activities, pop-up performances, make-it workshops, and they can let their creativity go wild in the imagination station.

If your kids are a little older and they have the patience and presence of mind to enjoy the subtler things, then visiting the Science Museum might prove to be an inspiring day for them. You and your children will get to hear stories of how the telephone was invented, and generally speaking, the museum lets kids get to grips with science in a novel exciting way, far removed from the usual school affair of listening, and memorising information.

In this post we want to give you a breadth of different types of things you can do with your kids. And so, even though we could recommend you other museums, we know it’s likely that you’ll only visit one or two of them. That’s the case simply because you are privileged to a whole host of attractions, events, and venues in London while variety is really where it’s at when it comes to a holiday.

Carrying along with the theme of variety, we highly recommend the Sea Life venue, found near the best London hotels. It’s the world’s largest aquarium brandand with an indoor sea, and a whole host of species,it forms Europe’s largest marine life collection. You can even snorkel at the venue, with shielding of course, and face off with sharks.

The ZSL London Zoo, situated near Regents Park, has more than 800 animals at the venue. It’s puts you closer than you ever will get to some of the most magnificent animal creatures.With lions, tigers, ostriches, gorillas, and more,the venue makes for the perfect day out with family. In fact, you might just find it as or more intriguing than your kids.

Besides that, the London Dungeons, close to Waterloo tube station and the best London hotels, gives you a tour into the capitals past in a thrilling journey. You’ll be able to relive historical events, and the scary atmosphere will be sure to thrill you and your kids. In summary, there a range of things you can do with your family in London, and the venues mentioned in this post are a great starting point.

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Getting around London when you are located at Paddington

Paddington is a great area of London which really can offer you a great experience of the city. If you are deciding to travel to or from Paddington, it is a good idea to look at the facilities at Paddington station, including disabled access and parking. This will allow you to make the most of your trip and to plan ahead if you need to. Here are some good tips for getting to and from Paddington and a little more about Paddington itself:

Parking at Paddington station

When it comes to parking at Paddington station, you will find that one hour’s worth of parking your car at this station will cost you £3.10 Monday to Friday. If you wish to stay for up to 24 hours, it will cost you £25 for the day. For motorcycles, it is four pounds per day. The rate goes up on weekends and bank holidays, as many of the car parks tend to across London. If you wish to stay for an hour in the car park at Paddington station, it will cost you four pound. However, for the day it will only cost you £10. Multi-day tickets are available at these locations and the car park is open 24 hours a day. If you plan on riding your bike and you wish to secure it in the car park, you can get a season ticket holder cycle rack, available on platform 10 and 11. Many people use this service and so for this reason it may be that you are unable to park your bike due to the high subscription already in place. It might be best to call the station before you ride your bike to it, to check.

Facilities at Paddington station

There are many facilities available at Paddington station including toilets and baby changing facilities which cost 30 p. The ticket office is open 24 hours and is run by first great Western. You will also find that there is a dedicated ticket office run by Heathrow express which is available on platform six and seven. You can look up specific tickets and timetables as well as real-time updates on the train service on the National rail enquiries website. You can also call the number (0845) 748 4950 if you would like to speak to somebody directly.

There is a lost property facility at Paddington station, so if you do happen to lose anything at this station then you can report a lost item online or call the number on (020) 7262 0344 to find out if your item has been handed in.

If you are travelling a lot and need to have a shower, there are shower facilities at the station. You’ll need to buy the privilege though, for five pounds, located on platform 12. Many people also want to know about Wi-Fi at the station. There is a pay as you go Wi-Fi Internet access available through BT or the cloud. You will need to use your phone to pay for the Internet as you go.

Disabled access at Paddington station

If you are disabled or are travelling with somebody who is disabled, there is a lot of station accessibility in place at Paddington station. For example, for the visually impaired, there are tactile strips along all platform edges and the ticket office also has a loop if you are hard of hearing. All entrances are also step free, and disabled friendly. You will be able to get around the platform in your wheelchair easily. If you do require assistance in any aspect of your travels at Paddington station, you can book an assistant member of staff to help you at any time of the day on (020) 7922 6793. This is available from 7 AM in the morning until 10 PM at night Monday to Friday, and 8am in the morning until 8 PM at night on Saturdays and Sundays.

Food and drink at Paddington station

If you are staying at London Paddington, you will also want to know about the food and drink and shopping available at the station.

There are many options of places to eat at the Paddington station. This includes Yo  sushi, Starbucks coffee and Burger King, as well as McDonald’s, Marks & Spencer’s, and Sainsbury’s. You’ll also find a champagne bar and a bagel factory on the premises.

There are also many shopping opportunities in Paddington station. This includes buying your local newspaper at WHSmith, as well as a Vodafone shop and a monsoon accessories store. There are also many health and beauty outlets at the station.

Staying in and around Paddington

There is plenty to do in Paddington itself, away from the station. Try staying in one of the luxurious hotels at Paddington, such as the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington, which offers an exclusive experience right in the centre of all of the action. The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington offers a great experience for anybody who wants to stay for just one night up until a few weeks in the city. Paddington is easily accessible by other trains and transportation methods, so you will find it a very easy place to access.

Wherever you are travelling from, Paddington should be on your travel itinerary this year. As you can see from this article, Paddington station is well equipped to handle your every need. Whether you are driving into the station or catching the train, there are services and facilities available for everybody. To find out more about Paddington station, simply visit their website and browse the information that they have available on there.

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All about… The London eye

Many cities wish to outdo each other when it comes to observation structures. New York, for instance, has the Empire State building. This is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, where you can travel so high up into the sky that you can see over the entire city. The same goes for Chicago’s Sears Tower, or Toronto’s CN Tower. When it comes to London, the London eye is one of the most iconic structures in the world.


This giant Ferris wheel opened in the year 2000, and is located on the south bank of the River Thames. Originally called the millennium wheel, the London eye became its new nickname as it seemed a far catchier title. The turning of the giant Ferris wheel was meant to represent the turning of the century.

When it comes to statistics, the London eye can boast some of the tallest measurements in the world. It actually stands at 135 m tall, which means that it is actually taller than a football field is in length. The circumference of the London eye is 424 m. When it was first built, it took a long time to try and get it to stand directly straight. Many Londoners watched the television as three attempts were made to get the wheel to stand upright. Some people thought that the architects should give up, but in the end the engineers managed to get the London eye standing prominently on the side of the Thames.

So who thought up the idea of the London eye? The London eye was actually first imagined by David Marks and Julia Barfield. They were a husband and wife architecture team who in 1993 entered the competition by the Sunday Times to come up with an idea to celebrate the turning of the millennium. Marks thoughts that this could be one of the top paying tourist attractions in London, and he was probably right. In 2008, 30 million people had already visited the London eye.

So who was to pay for the biggest attraction in London? When the idea was first initiated, it was British Airways who decided to fund the project. It took 2 1/2 years to develop and construct the wheel. There were lots of funding and paperwork delays throughout the process, but in the end the London eye made it to its rightful place for all to see.

There are many ways that you can enjoy visiting the London eye. If you do not have the money to actually go on to the Ferris wheel itself, it may be wise to walk down to the South bank and have your picture taken with the London eye in the background. Many people take this iconic shot because it is such an awesome sight to see. However, visiting London really should involve a trip up the London eye. There are many ways in which you can experience this, in the day or at night. Both versions of the eye offer a great deal of interest. At night, you can see the lights over the entire city which can be truly beautiful and magical. In the daytime, you are more likely to see some of the sights of London as you scan your eyes across the city.

However you experience the London eye, make sure that you make London a trip on your itinerary this year.

If you do plan to come to London for a mini break, consider booking your hotel early in advance. This will enable you to get the best deals available online. Try to choose a hotel that is centrally located, so that you can see many of the different attractions in London. The Shaftesbury Marble Art Suites is a great example of a hotel which offers a homely experience as well as a practical location. The Shaftesbury Marble Art Suites give you a touch of elegance and luxury whilst you stay in London. You can upgrade your room and enjoy some of the finer things in life when you stay at this hotel.

Another aspect of your travel plans will be the transportation that you will take to get to London. Depending on where you are starting your journey, the nearest airports are London Heathrow and London Gatwick. You can then come straight out of the airport and onto a train into the centre of the city. It is advisable not to drive into the city. Not only will you face the congestion charge, but it can be very stressful to drive in such a busy city if you do not know your way around. It becomes far easier and a better experience for you to see London whilst on public transport rather than in the confines of your car.

When you travel to London to see the London eye, you will be able to experience a lot of different cuisine in the capital. There are so many different restaurants to choose from, that you may be spoilt for choice! If you fancy something quick and easy, there will be lots of fast food chains around the capital. There will be a McDonald’s or Burger King on pretty much every street. However, if you fancy something far more exclusive, there are many Michelin starred restaurants in the capital which will offer you a great deal of food and drink choices. There are also lots of bars and nightclubs in the city which you could explore.

London really does have something for everyone, so whether you are old, young, staying for one day or two weeks, London can offer you a great break away from your normal schedule.

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Celebrating women in London

Nowhere in the world do we celebrate women any better than in London, and at the start of 2015, we can see the wow women of the world Festival take over at the Southbank Centre for three days.


The Wow women of the world Festival takes place to celebrate women through special events that are being held in the centre. You will see live music, as well as passionate debate and a lot of comedy.

International women’s Day is due to take place on 8 March this year, and the Wow women of the world Festival celebrates this in all of its glory whilst also expressing a need for further equality throughout the world.

If you head down to London and to the Southbank Centre at this time, you will see lots of live music concerts as well as film screenings. The live music includes a special concert by Susana Baca as well as the 60s pop star Petula Clark. Petula Clark will actually be releasing her 35th album called lost in you and many people are expecting to see her perform live at this event.

Dance will also be a big feature of the Wow women of the world Festival this year. A big performance by the Vincent dance Theatre is expected to be seen and will represent issues of identity and gender. It looks at exploring how gender has affected us from the moment we are born.

If poetry is more your thing, poetry fans will want to go to the Queen Elizabeth Hall during the Wow women of the world Festival. There will be five poets which will be brought together to perform joint readings for the first time ever. This includes Carol Ann Duffy (UK), Liz Lochhead (Scotland), Gillian Clarke (Wales), Paula Meehan (Ireland) and Sinead Morrisey (Northern Ireland).

The festival will go on until Sunday, 9 March and ticket prices vary depending on what aspect of the festival you would like to see. For more information, you can visit the Wow women of the world Festival website which has a lot more detail on it about the timings and details of events.

Whilst you are in London, you may want to explore other areas of this beautiful capital city. Why not make it a mini break and go and stay in one of the London city suites by Montcalm, one of the most prestigious hotels in the area that is very centrally located to many of the sights of London. The London eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park area all of easy access to the London city suites by Montcalm hotel. You can really see a lot of the city whilst you attend the Wow women of the world Festival this year.

In fact, January and February are perfect months in which to see London in all of its glory.

Whilst some may think that there is a lull after Christmas in the capital city, many experts would disagree and confirm that there is more going on in London at the start of the year than ever before.

If you are into musicals, the famous Cats musical is back on stage at the West End in London and running throughout January and February. There are many other musicals also playing in the capital as well as more serious plays and performances which might be more up your street.

When it comes to food in London, there are more restaurants here than anywhere else. The variety is simply amazing, so whatever you are into, the capital city can offer it to you. There are many Italian restaurants in the city, including chain restaurants such as Prezzo. There are also more independent restaurants which you can explore, offering a unique variety of cuisine depending on your taste buds. Spanish restaurants have also come into their own recently in the capital, with many people wanting to explore a taste of flamenco in the form of tapas or perhaps the Greek version of meze.

Getting around in the capital isn’t as hard as you may think. Of course there is the subway, which is a very quick and convenient way to access all of London with a travel pass. You can also catch the bus or taxi, but beware that you may be stuck in the traffic, especially at peak times of the day.

If shopping is your thing, Selfridge’s and Harrods offer two unique experiences for the shopaholics amongst you. You can get just about anything you want to meet department stores, and some people can get lost in there for hours!

Make sure that if you are visiting London, you bring plenty of money with you but beware to flash this in public. Staying safe in London is important, so keep your handbag on you closely and report anything suspicious that you see. Like any capital city in the world, thieves will be operating but do not let this put you off having a really good time in the capital.

Booking your hotel room sooner rather than later and ensure that you have a great time for the Wow women of the world festival in the coming months. Also, make sure you book your travel plans in advance to get the best rates available for the season ahead. Whether you plan to visit for just one day or for a week, London is a great place to experience just about anything.

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All about… London Heathrow airport

Anyone who has travelled in or out of England will be aware of London Heathrow airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is located 20 miles to the west of central London, making it very centrally located for a lot of people.

London Heathrow airport has about 200,000 passengers arriving and departing from it every single day. Interestingly, it also handles more international passengers than any other airport does in the world.

There are five terminals at London Heathrow airport, each with its own benefits and facilities. At every terminal you will find a large selection of shops, cafes, restaurants and currency exchange facilities. You will also find many information counters dotted throughout the entire airport. The people that work on these information counters are specially trained to help you with any number of queries. Whether you are finding it difficult to understand the layout of Heathrow airport, or if you need help with translation services, the people here will be able to assist you.

If you are travelling to Heathrow airport to pick somebody up, you will find the arrivals platform to be on the ground floor of terminals one, three, four and five. You will also find them on the first floor of terminal two. Any passenger that gets off their aircraft must pass first through passport control and baggage reclaim. This can take some time and so you may want to head to the arrivals hall where you will find a selection of shops and restaurants to keep you busy whilst you wait for your loved one.

If you are travelling from Heathrow airport to another country, you will find the departures areas of the airport on the first floor of terminal one, as well as the fourth and fifth floor of terminal two. In terminal three, departures is found on the ground floor, and on terminal four, the departures area is on the second floor. You will find it on the top floor of terminal five. If you are travelling through the airport, you will be subject to a security control check. This can take some time, so passengers are advised to arrive early for their flights. Especially at peak times, the queues to the security control area can be long.

You will need to make sure that you follow all security measures beforehand, so it might be wise to visit the London Heathrow airport website to check that you are following all of the current rules. This includes not carrying any liquids on board an aircraft which are over 100 mL. You’ll need to present any liquids that you have, including travel sized bottles of shampoo, lip balm and so on, in a clear sandwich bag. No sharp objects are allowed in your hand luggage, including razors or tweezers.

There are a number of hotels near Heathrow airport which you may wish to check into. One of these is BW plus Park grand London Heathrow, which offers guests an exclusive and comfortable experience no matter how long you intend to stay for. Whether you just need one night at the BW plus Park grand London Heathrow, or if you plan to spend a lot of time in London and wish to spend several weeks in the hotel, the kind and informative staff on reception at this hotel will be able to help you. There are other hotel options available which you can find online.

Getting to and from Heathrow airport is easy. There are many trains available which connect you to the airport. Trains from Heathrow leave every 15 min. The journey to London Paddington from London Heathrow takes about 15 min. A standard adult fare is £21.50 for single ticket purchased online, which is probably where you will find the best rates.

The Tube is another way that you may want to travel to or from Heathrow airport. The Piccadilly line connects Heathrow airport to central London as well as the rest of the Tube system. The tube is generally cheaper but it can take longer to get to where you need to go. The journey time to Piccadilly Circus is about 50 min from London Heathrow airport.

If you intend to travel by coach to or from Heathrow airport, the National Express runs various frequent coach services. Some services will also stop on the way in Hammersmith or Earl’s Court. If it is a bus that you decide to take, the buses will run from 5 AM to 11:30 PM, depending on the day of the week. It will take you about 80 min to get from central London to Heathrow airport.

Travelling by car to Heathrow airport is an option for many who are planning to go abroad on holiday. There are many different parking facilities nearby Heathrow airport which allows you to park your car for a certain amount of time where it will be safe until you return. There are also short stay car parks available if you’re planning to just pick somebody up from the airport. You will find a lot out about this online, where you can enter simple search criteria and find out the price that this is likely to cost you.

Staying safe at Heathrow airport is of utmost importance to everybody involved at the airport. If you do spot anything suspicious at Heathrow London airport, it is vital that you report this straightaway to any member of staff that you find at the location.

Bear in mind that when you visit Heathrow airport, it is likely to be very busy. Make sure the plan several hours before your flight so that you can reduce the likelihood that you will be late. No plane will wait for anybody at Heathrow airport, even if you are just a few minutes late!

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Stay Safe When You Travel Abroad – Top Tips

Travelling abroad is always exciting, whether you are travelling for leisure or for a business trip somewhere.

However, many people can become concerned with their safety, especially if the country is a relatively unknown one with a different language and currency. Here are some top tips for ensuring you stay safe when travelling abroad, wherever you’re going:

Only take what you need

When it comes to packing your bags, make sure that you only take the things that you really do need. Don’t take more electronic devices them what you will actually use. Leave these at home, to deter thieves from stealing them from you. It also means that you can have a better peace of mind knowing that you don’t have so many expensive items to worry about.

Do not leave your electronic devices unattended

Make sure that you lock any items you are not using into your hotel safe when you travel abroad. If you leave items unattended, they could be tampered with or stolen. Ensure that you always keep them in your line of sight. This includes laptops, tablets, mobile phone devices and other communication items. Make sure you leave these items in your hand luggage only if you do need to take them. Putting them into your checked luggage means that they could be broken into at some point on the journey. Even if you put a lock on your suitcase, material suitcases are easy to cut into and could attract thieves.

Give your electronic devices a spring clean

Make sure that you clear your browser history on your laptops and any other electronic devices.

This includes your saved username and passwords, which many people set up on their devices to remember so that they do not need to login every time they use the laptop.

You should delete any saved sites that could expose your personal information as well. Remember, thieves can easily log in to your Internet history and see the kind of person that you are and use your saved credit cards to purchase more things. Remove all of the personal data as well as pictures and information that could be used against you.

If you are travelling on business, it is even more important to keep your corporate data secure. Make sure that you have an antivirus and firewall setup to enable any private data to be safe.

Avoid public Wi-Fi

If you do need to access Wi-Fi, make sure that you only use it when necessary because anything that you do on Wi-Fi can be viewed by a third party. If you need access to sensitive data, it is probably best that you wait until you have a secure connection.

Reporting stolen devices


If you do suspect that one of your devices has been stolen, it is important to contact the local police as soon as possible.

By contacting the authorities sooner rather than later, you’re more likely to have your stolen device retrieved. Thieves operating in the area may still be on site at this point, so make sure you do not leave it till the last minute. If you do not speak the language and are struggling to report the incident, go to the British Embassy in the country that you were in and explain the situation to them.

Telling people where you are

Whenever you go away, you should leave a contact list with a family member or friend, so that they know exactly where you will be and your travel itinerary. Make sure you tell them your hotel and choose a well reputed one. For example, if you are in London, choose one of the best London hotels on the UK tourist website. Choosing one of the best London hotels means you are more likely to be able to be contacted by anyone and you can trust the hotel to look after your best interests.

You should make a point to check in on these people every now and again, so that they know you’re safe. You might also want to tell your bank or insurance company that you are going to be away. Banks, for example, may see a transaction on your account in a faraway country and decide to block the card because they think that it has been hacked. You do not want and a situation where you cannot access your funds because your bank has cut off your supply. To avoid this happening, tell people where you are going and when you will be home.

Read up on the country before you go away

Make sure that you read up on the country before you go to visit it, so that you know of any dangers which you might come across.

For example, if there is a particular disease or illness that has been spreading in the country recently, it may be prudent of you to go and see if there are any injections which you can get from your local GP to safeguard yourself from getting ill.

Some travel guides and travel websites will also give you useful information about some more dangerous or risky areas of the country that you may want to avoid. Capital cities often have a lot of crime and theft, but there may be certain corners of the capital which you could avoid completely. Reading up on the country and finding out more about it before you travel is a very wise way of preparing yourself for the journey. If you are travelling with a family, it makes it even more important to look up the child friendly areas of the country and highlight any areas that should be avoided.


This article may seem like a way to scare prospective travellers, but the truth is that if you’re prudent and careful with your travels, you can really enjoy yourself and stay safe the whole trip.

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